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The Modern life style has contributed a lot in affecting the physical and emotional health of individuals; the excessive use of equipment/computers coupled with irregular working shifts have caused major health concerns. There is no denying the fact that the use of astrology may indicate well in advance the health pattern of a native in the forthcoming periods. Our astro-experts will examine the minutest of the astrological details and guide you on the following areas:
• A fairly good idea about your health in general.
• The indications of level of your immune-system.
• Whether there are indications of surgical interventions in near future.
• Whether there are indications of any accident or injury in near future.
• Any other issue bothering you about your health.
• Suitable astro-remedies for better physical and emotional health and for speedy recovery from any specific illness/disease.

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Are you feeling low because people around you do not respect your view-point; or, in spite of continuous efforts the success seems to be far away; or, feel ditched in love, etc. It is high time to consult our astro-experts to have a fairly good idea about the planetary combinations leading to such circumstances around you. Our astro-experts will help you in the following areas:
• Why your loved ones do not appreciate your view-point.
• Why you do not get success matching with your efforts.
• Why others, including your near-ones, do not respect your feelings. 
• Why you are always taken for granted and get hurt by others.
• Why you are not getting rid of diseases/ailments.
• Why you are not able to perform well physically and mentally.
• Any other issue bothering you and resulting in low esteem.
• Suitable astro-remedies. 

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Potency and Stamina
Today is the Age of energy, power and stamina. One may have wealth in abundance and all comforts of life one can dream of, but, if he does not have sufficient energy and stamina, life does not seem to be worth enjoying. Someone has rightly said if you want to enjoy the nature’s most precious gift i.e. the bond of love, you have to keep your potency and stamina at higher levels. Our cave-dwelling forefather wouldn’t have even heard of terms like ‘poor bedroom performance’ or ‘stress induced impotency’. Unfortunately for modern generation, skyrocketing levels of stress, lack of exercise and poor eating habits have largely contributed to impotency and decreased libido.
In case you or your dear one is undergoing any such situation, get his horoscope examined by our astro-experts who will examine the overall health patterns with specific emphasis on virility and stamina. Overall health patterns are more important because libido does not act in isolation. Our astro-experts will guide you on the following areas:
• What are the combination of planets responsible for lack of virility in the horoscope.
• The strength of the planet responsible for giving aesthetics pleasures and whether it has acquired any negative effect. 
• The strength of the planet which is true energy-driver in the body.
• The strength of the planet responsible for electric-conduction system in the body and transmission of senses to the brain.
• The over-all psychological orientation.
• Any other issue bothering you about virility and stamina.
• Suitable astro-remedy. 

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